APU – Auxiliary Power Units

An active alternative to engine idling.

ComfortPro was designed to perform everyday no matter where you are in North America. Whether it is 110 °F in Los Angeles, or 30° below zero in Calgary. ComfortPro has the capacity to cool your sleeper, or warm your sleeper, and your engine. Why invest in a system that keeps you sweating in the summer and shivering in the winter? ComfortPro will deliver the BTU’s you need! Stop for 30 minutes or 30 hours it doesn’t matter. We don’t draw down your batteries, we charge them! We never let your main engine get cold, we warm it! We believe an idle reduction unit should enhance your ability to start your motor, not put it at risk.


Incorporating technology from Carrier’s proven Vector hybrid diesel-electric units, the X4 platform combines a reliable design with high performance, and sustainability for the road ahead.




High capacity and reliability. Low fuel consumption and noise. Let Vector™ units energize your bottom line.